Our story began with Gweneth – a functional and elegant nylon bag created to make life on the go easier. It came to life in 2013 and today it is the bestselling bag in Scandinavia, popular all over the world, and used by thousands of women that all share the same passion for an active fashionable lifestyle. Gweneth is durable, spacious and stylish – made to make life lighter wherever you go. That is why we in 2014 decided to develop a full collection of bags and functional accessories in an abundance of colours, prints, shapes and materials – made for every destination in life.

I never knew I wanted it. In fact, I wasn’t even looking for it... Why? You ask? Since I’ve had it, I would now be lost without it.….but simply – it fits everything in it.

Scarlett Conlon, Vogue Daily editor


DAY ET was founded in 2014 by brand director Therese Niko Busch at the Danish fashion house Day Birger Et Mikkelsen. The items from DAY ET quickly became popular among women around the world and highlighted by designers and influencers. The success led to the opening of retail stores and points of sale all over the world, and in 2018 DAY ET was established as an independent company with its own design studio in the heart of Copenhagen. 

We design for a life on the go

The woman of today lives an active and busy life. She is bright and aware of her choices. This is why we listen to her when we create our designs.”

A bag is not just an accessory – when we are on the go, it’s our private space. This is where we keep our life and our secrets. A bag is our everyday companion when we go to work, pick up children, travel or rush for yoga class – sometimes followed by dinner or a night out.  A bag for that kind of life needs to be both functional and stylish. It should make your day easier and should take care of our daily needs. Our iconic bag, Gweneth, was an immediate success because it does exactly that. And that is the essence of all our designs.

“We have turned the process upside down. By listening to our customers, and what they need and ask for, we are able to create items that fit their ever-changing lifestyle.

- Co-CEO, Therese Niko Busch


At DAY ET we create bags for the daily demands of carrying your personal belongings from A to B. When we develop and design products for your everyday life, we make sure that the factors of durability, functionality and sustainability are in balance. Our products are made for a life on the move. Diversity and inclusion are what we stand for. To empower all people regardless of their gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race or religion - Whether it is at our office, at our suppliers or in our advertisements. We leave no room for discrimination – everyone must be allowed to be who they are.