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Functional DAY ET backpacks

A backpack is an essential to most people in their everyday life. It is a practical and comfortable way to transport one’s belongings around. Or at least it should be. With our backpacks it certainly will be. There’s the classic DAY ET Gweneth backpack in both a smaller and larger version as well as other designs such that there certainly is a DAY ET backpack for you.

A backpack is not just a backpack

Some people may think that a backpack is simply a practical item and that there is no reason to make it classy or stylish. However, every bag is an extension of your personality. Therefore, you deserve the right backpack to channel exactly who you are. We offer a variety of prints and patterns so that there is something to pick from for every person. Just check out our quilted backpacks or the more colourful ones. We even seasonally make mini backpacks that function as a cool accessory and mini bag. In this section, you can also find an essential accessory to go with the backpack, namely pencil cases.

Designer black backpacks for women 

Many of our designer backpacks come in black so you can surely find a backpack that represents your unique style. Black backpacks are a wardrobe staple because they go with everything and black is always in style. A black backpack makes it easy to create any outfit you want and pulls the entire look together. You can wear black jeans and a black top with a black jacket and still look chic by adding a black backpack to the mix. And if you want to switch up your style, a black backpack from DAY ET can also be worn with a dress or skirt. So don't be afraid to experiment and have some fun with your wardrobe by adding a black backpack to the mix. You might be surprised at how versatile black backpacks can be.

DAY ET backpacks are stylish of course stylish

Of course, the practical aspect of the backpack is important as well. Most of our backpacks are equipped with a padded laptop pocket, and all of them are closed with zippers and have adjustable backpack straps. The backpacks are comfortable to carry because of the wide backpack straps, and the backpacks are mostly compartmentalised so that you can keep it organised and easily reach your things inside it. Backpacks are everyday bags that are meant to be used. The fabric is therefore durable and the design is made to withstand the natural everyday challenges. We also offer a wide selection of computer bags and shopper bags to complete your collection of the perfect everyday bags.