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DAY ET has got all the beautiful bags you could dream of

Whether you’re looking for a crossbody bag, a shoulder bag, a backpack, any bag – you name it – you’ve got to the right place, because DAY ET has got every bag you could dream of right here. You may be looking for a bag, because it’s your raw nerve or simply because it’s a necessity; regardless, it is certain that a woman’s bag is here to stay.


A bag creates the outfit

A new bag can shine a whole new light on the clothes you have. It can open your eyes to new combinations, new outfits. So actually, you don’t need new clothes – you just need one more bag. We have the classic Gweneth bags that go with every outfit, and if you pick it in a funky colour or print, it’ll make your outfit. Same goes for our leather bags – they can spice up every outfit or simply add to the classic style. Pick between our many seasonal styles and prints, and you will have a bag to keep you up with the trends. Our extensive range also includes many different designs so that there is the exact shoulder bag you need or the perfect crossbody bag for you.

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Not only pure fashion, also practicality

Naturally, the looks of our bags matter to us, but the functionality of them is equally important, because the bag is there to be used. You will therefore find that many of our bags have different pockets to organise your belongings in, an adjustable strap to make it more comfortable or other features that support the purpose of the bag. Especially our Gweneth collection is made with focus on usability. Made of durable nylon material, the bags can stand to be used every day and to carry things from A to B. Yet, even the smaller fancy going-out bags will stand the nights out and support your style. Essentially, every single one of our bags has a use, and if it is not obvious from the pictures, you just have to try it.