DAY ET hard shell suitcase - your ultimate travel companion for all adventures

Set out on any trip, whether it's a cozy weekend break, a fun city escape, a sun-soaked summer vacation, snowy winter getaway, a surprise romantic moment, or an important business meeting with the stylish and practical DAY ET hard shell suitcase by your side

No matter your mode of transportation, our sleek and modern luggage solutions are designed to meet your every demand when traveling by air, bus, train, or car.

DAY ET brand identity revolves around design, quality, and practicality. That's why our hard shell suitcases are meticulously crafted to blend a sophisticated appearance with durability and practicality, making them an ideal choice for all types of travelers.

Sophisticated and timeless design

When it comes to selecting a hard shell suitcase, aesthetics play a crucial role. Your luggage is an investment that should reflect your style and last through numerous adventures. Our hard shell suitcases offer a modern and elegant design that exudes both practicality and sophistication. Our design philosophy centers around the idea that elegance is achieved through simplicity.

To ensure that each DAY ET hard case suitcase stands out, we've included distinct brand details such as metal trim, zippers, and an embossed logo, elevating the overall design with a touch of luxury. Our suitcases are timeless, ensuring they remain trendy for years to come.

If you prefer a classic look, our black hard shell suitcase is sleek and stylish. Black is always in fashion, making it a popular choice for those seeking a practical and sophisticated suitcase. Opting for a black hard case suitcase is a foolproof decision that you can make with confidence.

For those who prefer lighter shades, we offer a range of colors that are always in style and easy to match with your outfits. Choose from neutral tones like gray, as well as trendy warm and cool beige shades. We also offer more unique options, such as elegant dark green and even a hard case suitcase with a delicate floral print.

DAY ET is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a hard shell suitcase that will stand the test of time and will always look fashionable no matter where your travels take you.

Quality materials are ensuring durability and longevity

Dedicated to using the finest materials and crafting strong construction, we guarantee both a fashionable appearance and enduring durability. These DAY ET suitcases are built to withstand travel demands while easily avoiding scratches, keeping your luggage looking sleek and stylish. 

Our focus on excellence means your items are safe and secure, letting you head out on every adventure worry-free and full of confidence. Take pleasure in exploring new places, knowing your suitcase is always ready for the journey.

Experience great functionality with our suitcases

At our company, we understand that practicality is key, and we're committed to offering luggage that allows you to enjoy both style and quality without compromising on functionality.

Our hard shell suitcase boasts a sleek contemporary design and is crafted with exceptional materials, all while keeping practicality at the forefront. 

One of the standout features of our suitcases is the 360-degree 4-wheel system, which offers a multitude of benefits. A 4-wheel suitcase provides effortless navigation, needing only steering instead of pulling or dragging. This leads to a more efficient and faster transportation of your belongings, saving both time and energy. Our hard shell 4-wheel suitcases are also available in a cabin size.

Our suitcases are thoughtfully designed with features like interior pockets and straps to keep your belongings organized, ergonomic handles for comfortable carrying, and TSA-approved locks in place to ensure safety and security.

All sizes covered: from spacious large hard shell suitcase to compact cabin luggage.

We know that every traveler's needs are different, and that's why we offer a variety of suitcase sizes to cater to various trip lengths and packing requirements. 

You can choose a large hard shell suitcase, perfect for extended vacations or business trips, or our small hard case suitcase that meets cabin luggage specifications.

Traveling only with a hard shell cabin suitcase presents some advantages, such as swift navigation through airports and bypassing the need to wait at baggage claim, making it ideal for shorter trips or light packers.

On the other hand, a large hard case suitcase is an excellent choice when you need to pack heavily. Some of our largest suitcases can accommodate up to 65 liters.

For any upcoming journey or adventure, rest assured that our luggage effortlessly unites practicality, elegance, and reliability to keep you ready for whatever lies ahead. You can also refer to our suitcase guide to assist you in finding the perfect one!

Pack like a pro with our collection of travel essentials 

Our goal is to streamline your travels, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the delights of sightseeing, relaxation, and exciting activities shared with loved ones and friends. To achieve this, we've created a versatile collection of suitcases and travel bags, ensuring you can pack all your essentials without missing a thing. 

Our classic travel bags are perfect for short trips, easily accommodating clothing, a laptop, personal hygiene products, and more. Shopper bags serve similar purposes, doubling as stylish everyday companions for shopping, city strolls, or gym visits. Laptop bags provide a secure haven for your device, whether traveling or commuting to work. Crossbody and bum bags keep your essential items like phone, wallet, keys, and passport conveniently close at hand.

Our cosmetic bags allow you to store your makeup products in a stylish and organized manner, effortlessly fitting into your suitcase or travel bag. Backpacks, on the other hand, are the ultimate convenience for travel, cycling, or hiking adventures. And rest assured, our backpacks feature a modern design that exudes sporty elegance, complementing your unique style perfectly.

So, are you ready to elevate your travel game? Explore our collection and discover the ideal hard shell suitcase and travel bag for your future trips.

Is it better to have a hard shell suitcase?

Yes, a hard shell suitcase is usually a great choice as it provides better protection for fragile items, is sturdier than soft suitcases, and shields your belongings from rain and spills. It can also be easier to clean and maintain.

Is rolling or folding better for packing a suitcase?

Rolling clothes tightly and placing them side-by-side in the suitcase allows travelers to fit more items in less space, while also preventing wrinkles.

What is the best way to lock and secure my luggage during air travel?

To lock and secure luggage during air travel, it's recommended to use TSA-approved locks, which can be opened by airport security if necessary.