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DAY ET shoulder bag – an essential to any woman

If you’re looking for a shoulder bag, you’ve come to the right place. There’s something for every taste as our range includes hundreds of designs and styles. Fall in love with the timeless design of the Gweneth tote, or the playful design of our leather bags and the seasonal collections. With our shoulder bags available in a wide range of design, sizes, prints and colours, you will be sure to find your must-have shoulder bag here.

Channel your style while being practical

Shoulder bags don’t come in just one size or shape, as they are required to accommodate the needs of very different people. Therefore, expect to find yourself in a difficult spot when choosing between our many chic options, because there is always a reason why you need both this bag and that bag.

While it is almost always a requirement for a shoulder bag to be practical, why shouldn’t it also be a requirement for it to be stylish and personal? With our choice of patterns and colours, you will find a shoulder bag that channels your style. If you’re looking for an everyday staple shoulder bag, search for a timeless bag in a practical design with neutral colours or prints. Black, navy, brown or dark green would be traditional colours for this, however, do also consider a subtle print or a cream, grey or pastel colour for a classic yet modern look.

Elevate your work life with our designer women's shoulder bags

DAY ET offers a wonderful variety of women's shoulder bags that meet all needs and every occasion. Our large shoulder bags for women provide a perfect blend of style and functionality, making them an ideal choice for work. Whether you need to carry your laptop, tablet, or any other tech accessories, or you have larger work files and documents to transport, our trendy shoulder bags have got you covered. 

We understand that a woman's bag is her office on-the-go, which is why our bags are crafted to fit seamlessly into your workday. With our designer women's shoulder bags, you can go from meetings to lunch dates with ease, all while keeping your belongings organized and stylishly tucked away. Elevate your professional wardrobe with the DAY ET ladies shoulder bag - a stylish and practical accessory that is perfect for work.

From carrying out groceries to gym essentials - functional shoulder bags for women

We are aware that both functionality and style are essential, not only in the workplace but also while shopping or hitting the gym. That's why we offer a range of ladies shoulder bags in our collection that are tailored to meet these needs and more. 

With spacious compartments and sturdy materials, our shoulder bags for women make carrying your groceries and other shopping items or your gym essentials such as workout clothing and towels a breeze. The comfortable straps allow for all-day wear, ensuring that you can take your shoulder bag with you wherever you go without sacrificing comfort.

Stylish and convenient - small shoulder bags for women from DAY ET

In our selection, we also offer stylish and beautiful small shoulder bags for women

that are perfect for everyday wear. These bags are designed to keep your daily essentials organized and easily accessible, including your phone, wallet, personal documents, wet wipes, and more. 

And for a night out, our small black shoulder bag with its timeless and elegant look is the perfect choice. The sleek design and sophisticated color make it a versatile accessory that can be paired with any outfit. Regardless of size, a black shoulder bag is an evergreen choice that always adds a touch of style to your outfit and matches perfectly with your entire wardrobe.

Keep your school essentials organized with DAY ET shoulder bags 

Our shoulder bags for women are also practical for school and college. With enough space to carry your books, reading glasses, iPad, headphones, lunch box, and more, our bags will keep all your school essentials organized and at arm's reach. 

DAY ET trendy shoulder bags not only provide practicality but also elevate your style with their sophisticated design. You'll look and feel confident as you rush to class and hang out with friends afterward with our shoulder bag by your side.

A perfect weekend getaway companion

If you're planning a weekend trip, we have a range of stylish and sporty large women's shoulder bags that are perfect for carrying all of your travel essentials. You'll have everything you need to make your trip both practical and stylish, with enough capacity to pack your laptop, several clothes pieces, makeup, and more. 

Our shoulder bags for women also feature convenient inside pockets, so you can stay organized on the go and enjoy your trip without worrying about the hassle of searching for your smaller items.

Experience the perfect combination of practicality and style with our designer shoulder bags for women, and discover the convenience and sophistication that they bring to your daily life whether you choose large or small shoulder bags. Shop our collection today and choose the perfect shoulder bag to complement your everyday style.



Are shoulder bags in style in 2023? 


With their versatility and practicality, shoulder bags are a timeless accessory that remain in style year after year. As we move into 2023, they continue to be a must-have accessory that can elevate any outfit, making them a wise investment for any fashion-conscious woman.


How to wear a shoulder bag?


If you're aiming for a relaxed and casual look, like when traveling or going to the gym, you might want to carry a shoulder bag on one arm or try a crossbody style if the bag has long straps, worn across your chest. Conversely, if you're attending a more formal occasion, such as going to work, you can hold the bag elegantly in your hand or carry it in the crook of your arm for an added touch of sophistication.